My graduation collection “one square fits all” consists of 90° angles only, such as the square and the T-form. Sewing is not necessary, my pattern pieces contain tunnels and incisions, hence construction of the garment is possible by stringing together with a ribbon. For pants, only two pieces are required, for a shirt, dress, skirt, sweater or coat you will need one or more pieces. A complete wardrobe consists of ten pattern pieces. The placement of incisions and tunnels, and the materials I developed, are the essence of the design.

The Ikea-concept is my inspiration. After shopping at Ikea, you return home with a couple of flat boxes. At home you put these 2d parts together with a few simple actions. Everything fits perfectly, and after that one can change, vary and expand to one’s heart’s content!

I create couture without cutting or sewing, it is my vision of a new, accesible, made to measure, couture. Apart from a little silk and mohair, I use materials which are usually perceived as non-luxurious e.g. different types of synthetic fabrics and anti-slip mats. These materials provide endless possibilities because of their meltable nature. With the application of heat the materials are fused into a new one, and this is also the method by which tunnels and incisions are created.

In the near future my designs will be downloadable ‘made-to-measure’, and my my pattern pieces, with the programmed incisions and tunnels will be easily fused by means of laser or other heat source by or for the wearer.
pictures © PETER STIGTER