COLLECT is a new approach to your wardrobe by fashion designers Karin Vlug and Lisa Konno.
Together they created a never ending garment that is variable and easy for the consumer to adjust. A basic shirt can easily transform into a dress or a jumpsuit, using a very simple DIY sys-tem. You are able to collect as many parts as you wish, such as different sleeves and collars.

If one part of the garment gets damaged, it is very easy to replace that specific part and not throw away the en-tire garment. A wardrobe, containing just a couple of pieces, provides endless styles and possibilities to adjust to your personal preference. It is possible to mix all COLLECT collections by using the very simple DIY button system.

COLLECT BASIC has been nominated for the Global Denim Awards 2016, COLLECT COATS is developed with their support in collaboration with Prosperity Textiles from Guangzhou, China.

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