In september 2014 I founded research project Smart Fashion Production. My dream is to develop a new fashion production system that does not require sewing. Enabling local, on-demand and made-to-measure production. On this page you see a selection of the projects I have joined and initiated to get closer to this dream.

Collaborating with partners from other industries and knowledge institutes form the core of my practice, without them it would not be possible. My inspiration comes from industries outside of the fashion industry, for example the injection moulding industry.
I ask myself: can we transform the essence of injection moulding into a technique that can produce a beautiful soft sweater?

From september 2014 to september 2016 I worked closely with industrial designer Laura Duncker, a researcher at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Currently my main partners are industrial designer Bas Froon, who developed the micromoulding machine, and Aniela Hoitink, the designer of MycoTEX.

Smart Fashion Production is made possible by the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.